Past Projects

Data Collection, Use, and Presentation in Economic Development








We analyzed best practices in the collection, analysis, and presentation of economic and demographic data by economic development organizations for our client, a network of 50+ leading economic development departments and chambers of commerce. Through the use of various survey tools (including an anonymous web-based “audit”), our analysis identified numerous “low-hanging” fruit, which could be easily be exploited by enterprising business development organizations, in order to radically increase lead generation by investors and site selectors.

Anti-Poverty Strategy and Inclusive Economic Development

We conducted an analysis of the major types of economic inequality in the United States, as well as the primary barriers to equitable economic development. Scanning municipal and regional anti-poverty and inclusive development programs, we identified several best practices in this space. Finally, using key stakeholder interviewing, we composed case studies of effective policy in Cleveland, Richmond, and Atlanta.

Municipal Infrastructure in Economic Development

Our client, a network of leading American regional economic development alliances, asked for us to prepare a persuasive economic case for increased investment into infrastructure projects including bridges, transit, and power plants. We identified nine key challenges that U.S. regions face in regards to their infrastructure. We then chronicled exciting new financing schemes that cities and counties can use to fund economically vital infrastructure projects.

Manufacturing: Supporting Returning and New Plants

Under contract from a federal agency, we investigated the promise of ‘reshoring’ manufacturing activities to American locales. We identified necessary conditions for reshoring to proceed, as well as several promising strategies for communities hoping to taking advantage of this trend.

Workforce Development 

We created an entire curriculum comprising a two-day training course and associated textbook to assist Canadian community development officials with upgrading their local labor force. We created the first-ever comprehensive database of education and training resources available to community developers in Canada. In the course of developing this database, we highlighted Canadian cities and regions that are undertaking innovative and effective workforce development strategies.

Incentives in Economic Development 

We have conducted several major analyses of city and state incentive programs.  We have created detailed instructions for jurisdictions seeking to quantify the impact of their incentives, and have also chronicled the innovative, low-cost, efficient financing vehicles that progressive cities and counties are using to attract leading businesses and supercharge their economies.