I have done extensive economics and economic development research consulting. I specialized in working with economic development organizations, government agencies, foundations, and nonprofit organizations. As these organizations develop and communicate policy and strategy, I have ensured that it is articulate, attractive, persuasive, and, above all, based on thorough research and sophisticated analysis. I have particularly focused on smaller organizations with limited in-house capacity to stretch their resources and increase their impact.


  • Strategy and Programmatic Consulting. I have economic development organizations and local governments to prepare coherent, achievable, high-performing comprehensive strategies and programs. These strategies are based on in-depth research and analysis of local conditions.
  • Business Writing, Composition, and Editing. I have helped a variety of organizations to put their best foot forward, by composing, drafting, and editing reports, grant proposals, and presentations. When organizations have needed an absolutely top-of-the-line document, they have contacted me.
  • Fast and Effective Research. I have helped organizations to get the answers they need to burning questions, fast. Whether because they did not have the capacity in-house or were simply looking for top-of-the-line answers faster and less expensively than they could produce, these organizations have turned to me. I have offered everything from quick turnaround research services (from a minimum of two hours; two-week turnaround) to long-term, customized research projects.

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