Ongoing Academic Research Projects

Joshuamorris Hurwitz is a current doctoral student in Organizational Behavior. My interests broadly concern the intersections of technology, work and labor studies, organization studies, and economic sociology.

Current ongoing projects include:

  • Tattoos, Cicatrization, and Medicalization (with B. Katz Rothman, CUNY)
    This project grew out of a discussion with Barbara Katz-Rothman. In this project, we investigate the phenomenon of tattoos used to cover or obscure scars–both physical and psychic. Scarification and tattooing are intimately related phenomena, and this project probes their affinities and dissimilarities. We are currently in the literature review phase, and plan to begin ethnographic interviewing later in 2018.
  • Place Ambassadors, Place Marketing and Social Capital Development (with T. Vinodrai, U. Waterloo)
    I conducted ethnographic observation and interviewing of an economic development organization, Boston World Partnerships. The paper explores the ways that territorial, organizational, and individual social capital are interrelated.
  • Technical Developments and Professional Reinvention in Radiology
    Here, I look at the development of technology in the medical specialty of radiology.
  • Corporate Crime Enforcement in China
    This is a project with a distinct communications and political sociological bent. We know that the Chinese state selects ‘scapegoat’ firms for criminal enforcement as a means of signaling policy changes. But how and why does the Chinese state select these firms? Does enforcement action tend to precede or follow other announcements of policy changes? I presented this paper at the Herrenhausen Symposium on Bribery, Fraud, and Cheating as well as at the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy in October 2017.

Upcoming Book Reviews

  • Alberto Cambrosio and Peter Keating, Cancer on Trial: Oncology as a New Style of Practice
  • Phoebe Moore, International Handbook of Work and Employability